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Chicago DDA– DDAers topic/discussion meeting Thursday at 4pm (PST) Zoom ID: 873 6999 4674, password: ddago

Sacramento DDA- open DDA meeting Friday at 6pm (PST) 

****The following information is new for Sacramento Friday 6pm:

879 6889 0960

Pass code: 164673

DDA UK– visit DDA UK’s website for meeting links

Monday 11:30 am (PST)-Step Study Workshop

Tuesday 11:00 am (PST) – DDA Meeting

Friday 11:00 am (PST)

Saturday 3:00 am (PST)

Sunday 11:30 am (PST)

Fairfax, Virginia DDA

Saturdays at 4pm (PST) Meeting ID is: 892-5105-3549 and password: novadda

Fun In Recovery Events

Art night is continuing every Tuesday at 3pm (PST) . Can’t wait to socialize and build new skills in recovery with you all!!!

Dance Party- First Wednesday of every month, join us to listen to music and get your groove on! Meeting ID: 828 0151 9944 Passcode: DDADance!

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Nahanni Lukes, a Portland Community College horticulture therapy student will be leading us on this fun and creative session to connect to nature and create something. Please collect leaves, seeds, and other materials before the session if you wish to do the activity along side her. If you want to join to just hear the instructions that’s great too! Please reach out if you have any questions and we would love to see your finished products as well!

The mission of this therapeutic horticulture session is to connect with nature in a creative and fun way. Leaf stamping improves our relationship with sensory perception by observing colors and textures of leaves. Working with plant materials is relaxing and rewarding. While being creative offers an opportunity for self expression and reflection. The guided activity will provide you with a framework within which you have the ability to be creative and make personal decisions about design and style, as well as materials used. It’s my goal to facilitate an activity that you will want to share and teach others about as well.