Corbett Monica Video

Just for today in DDA.

In 1996, Corbett Monica, founder of Dual Diagnosis Anonymous (DDA) recognized the need for people who had both mental health and addictions problems to receive and give support in their recovery from their dual challenges by adding Five Steps to his customized version of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). He brought DDA to Oregon in 1998, spreading DDA’s mission, and message of hope and recovery. While employed at Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare, he secured funding from the State of Oregon and started DDA meetings in virtually every county in the state, and is now serving thousands nationally and internationally.

He wrote “A Journey Through the Twelve Steps Plus Five”, the manual now used throughout Oregon and beyond. He was recognized with many awards but was best known for the Love, Peace, and Blessings he showered on everyone who met him.