Just for today in DDA.

DDA is committed to providing a safe, inclusive space for our members to build support and find help along their personal recovery journeys. DDA has often been referred to “The Missing Link”, a place where DDAers feel “Safe, included, and at home” and how the program “Saved my life”. Below you will find a small sampling of what DDAers have to say about the DDA program and how it has impacted their lives.

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DDA Testimonials

So impressed with DDA and their weekly meetings. I finally found a meeting where I feel I fit in.
I am not only an alcoholic in recovery, but I am dually diagnosed, like so many other addicts and


“Helps manage thought or emotional behaviors that you do not always find in AA/NA meetings.”


“The DDA program brings a struggling community together, eliminating the stigma around mental
illness, helping people understand they are not alone. This is a life altering experience that is
invaluable to our community!”


“It makes me smile!”


“Love the opportunity to speak freely & openly about mental health diagnosis and medication issues & getting feedback from other personal experiences. Thanks!”