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“You protected us, now we support you!”

DDA was founded by a highly decorated veteran, Corbett Monica. After serving in the Vietnam war, like other veterans returning to home only find anguish, trauma, and remorse. After suffering from severe PTSD, OCD, survivors guilt, and addictions Corbett found a way to transcend from destructive means with the inception of Dual Diagnosis Anonymous (DDA) providing hope and recovery through our peer support which is now his legacy.

Culturally responsive DDA’s Veterans meetings are intended to provide a safe venue to be open about depression, post-traumatic stress, alcohol and drug use, abuse, and addiction as well as serve as a resource for navigation of the telehealth system, It will encourage healthy solutions for adapting to the changing times. Specifically. the project will Improve access for Veterans and military service members to dual diagnosis services through the creation of on-line recovery support groups and on-line DDA meetings.

This project will serve Veterans throughout the state and is beginning outreach through Veterans publications, local newspapers, the VA, Veterans websites, list services, and anything else that will help identify Oregonians who can use the services.

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More Ways to Connect

Join our Private Online Group

DDA Veterans Resource Group and Chatroom: www.facebook.com/groups/345810496697764

In Person Meetings

1st Saturday of Every Month 3-4pm Dual Diagnosis Anonymous for Veterans in Recovery

St. James/Santiago Episcopal Church 2490 NE Highway 101, Lincoln City, OR 97367

By Phone

Give our Central Office a call at (503)-222-6484

Other Resources

Veterans Crisis Line: https://www.veteranscrisisline.net/

DDA of Oregon receives Cedar Hills Veteran S.T.A.R. Program Impact award and funding! Other prestigious S.T.A.R. recipients and recognition include: Oregon House of Representatives-Tawna Sanchez, Oregon Health Authority Community Liaison- Emily Watson, JBLM-Donna Oaks, Director Oregon Army National Guard-Captain Beth Conn, Fort Kennedy-Tina Kennedy, Representative-Mark Meek, and Beaverton Mayor-Lacey Beaty A very big thank you to Cedars Hills Director- Michael Sorensen, CH Veteran Liaisons, Michael Tu & Johnathan Fisher for their ongoing support to DDA and their unprecedented love and dedication to making mental health and addiction challenges manageable.

RIP Ed Howard, friend and mentor to many, DDA Veterans Support Services through Dec 2020