Online DDA Meetings

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This page lists all of the online DDA meetings that are currently being run. Our meetings are aimed at and tailored for, people with a dual diagnosis i.e. those who have concurrent mental health & addiction issues.

Our online DDA meetings provide a safe environment to discuss issues related to our dual diagnosis recovery and how our members use the DDA 12 Steps + 5 recovery program.

Our online dual diagnosis meetings have provided support to DDA members all through Covid and are a great way of finding out more about our fellowship even if you aren’t based in the US.

Online Dual Diagnosis Meetings in Oregon in the USA

SUNDAY-10AM to 11AM (PST):Join Zoom Meeting:

SUNDAY- 5 to 6PM (PST): Join Zoom Meeting:

MONDAY-10 to 11 AM(PST): Join Zoom Meeting

MONDAY- 5to 6 PM(PST): Join Zoom Meeting
TUESDAY-10 to 11 AM(PST): Join Zoom Meeting

TUESDSAY- 12pm to 1PM (PST):

Closed Meeting- Rainbow DDA (for LGBTQ+ community members only) MEETING- TUESDAY -12pm-1pm (PST): Join Zoom Meeting

TUESDAY- 5 to 6 PM(PST): Join Zoom Meeting
WEDNESDAY- 10 to 11 AM(PST): Join Zoom Meeting

WEDNESDAY- 12pm to 1PM (PST):

WEDNESDAY- 6 to 7PM(PST): Join Zoom Meeting
THURSDAY- 10 to 11 AM(PST) Book Study Meeting: Join Zoom Meeting

NEW MEETING THURSDAYS!!! WOMEN’S MEETING- 12pm to 1pm: Join Zoom Meeting

THURSDAY- 5 to 6 PM(PST): Join Zoom Meeting
FRIDAY- 10 to 11 AM(PST): Join Zoom Meeting
FRIDAY-5 to 6 pm(PST): Join Zoom Meeting
SATURDAY- 10 to 11 AM(PST): Join Zoom Meeting

SATURDAY- 5 to 6 PM (PST): Join Zoom Mtg

Online DDA Meetings from Other Areas

Chicago DDA– DDAers topic/discussion meeting Thursday at 4 pm (PST) Zoom ID: 873 6999 4674, password: ddago

DDA UK– visit DDA UK’s website for meeting links

Marysville, WA DDA

Couple Screws Loose Hybrid DDA Meeting Thursdays 12-1:30 pm Meeting ID: 383 232 8581

Women Only meeting Tuesdays at 8 pm. Meeting ID: 383 232 8581 Passcode: DDA

DDA Hawaii

Saturdays at 3pm (PST): Meeting Link:

DDA North Carolina

Sun-Sat at 5pm (PST): Join the zoom meeting from the link below or contact Bud.

Contact Bud at with questions and check out their website at

Facebook Chatroom and Resource Page

To phone into an online meeting please follow the instructions on the flyer below: